About us

Hounds was inspired by Rodney. Rodney, you ask? After a career ending Rugby injury, my son and his wife decided it was time for an addition to the Family. Somebody they could spend time with, additional company around the house, and somebody to be with during long recuperating walks. This was not to be a grandchild; it was Rodney the Cavapoo!

With a long held love of Dogs and nature I was inspired to form Hounds. After a history of making fine Leather and hand-crafted accessories, it seemed natural to do the same for Dogs. Inspired by Rodney and his lovable character the ideas flowed.

Using our in-house design team we have created classic but dependable products with the main emphasis on bedding, feeding, collars, and leads. The reasoning was simple. The two things that excite your dog most are the sight of a lead or a bowl containing food, and all dogs deserve a good resting place.

We have styled our products with your dog in mind. For bedding, we look at shape and support. For feeding, we reviewed eating habits and hygiene. For walking, there are several different designs and materials for puppies, small, and big dogs. 

After 18 months of research and planning we hope you like our designs. Rodney does!